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SnakeBytes 5/3: Petco, Where the Dbacks Go

An off-day yesterday means no baseball for the D-backs as they travel to face the Padres in Petco. Kirk Gibson hopes the team bounces back, David Hernandez explains a new theory on walks, and Miguel Montero isn't surprised with the start Justin Upton is having.

A.J. Pollock goes for the fist-pound instead of the high-five, rookie mistake.
A.J. Pollock goes for the fist-pound instead of the high-five, rookie mistake.

Quotient Quotables

This is a tough time. It's a tough game. We just have to pick ourselves up.

This is a tough time. We've just got to pick ourselves up. The off day will be a good time to come in tomorrow, go to San Diego and move on.

-- Manager Kirk Gibson

Walks are always going to hurt you. I still had a chance to make a pitch and just didn't do it.

-- David Hernandez

We all know he is capable of that.The big question mark: Do you think he would be doing the same here? I don’t know. I don’t think so, because I don’t think he was happy anymore. I know he loves the game, but I don’t think he was happy anymore. If he is not happy here, why keep a guy if he does not want to be here?

-- Miguel Montero

News on the D-backs front

D-backs regroup, lick wounds, head to San Diego |

Perhaps a day off was what the Diamondbacks needed to reset after a painful sweep at the hands of the Giants, capped by consecutive blown saves. Despite wins in two of their last three series, the D-backs entered the off day beaten down by the bullpen struggles.

The good and bad of the Diamondbacks' first month |
It has been a fair start. The D-backs are still two games above .500, a good thing, especially considering they have played all season without nominal leadoff man Adam Eaton and platoon shortstop Willie Bloomquist and half of it without Aaron Hill, Cody Ross and Jason Kubel.

Montero: Unhappy Upton needed change of scenery |
"All the trade rumors, I think that gets to the player," Montero said. "If the guy says he is not paying attention, I think that is bull crap. We all paid attention. We all heard about it. It was in his mind a little bit."

D-backs bullpen has been bad, but we've seen far worse |
How quickly we forget what a true relief pitching dumpster fire looks like. Does anybody remember 2010? I know we've all tried to suppress the painful memories of that season, but let's be strong and revisit things. Let's compare the two bullpens to the same point in the season, shall we?

D-backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt recognized as a true professional | News
To try and get to the bottom of D-backs first baseman Paul Goldschmidt's success in just his second full big league season, we asked a teammate, a coach, an opposing pitcher, a veteran NL first baseman, a longtime scout and a two-time Cy Young Award winner for their thoughts.

The Week in Baseball

OGCPLYT.gif (500×281)
Gerardo Parra takes a nap.

Should MLB Eliminate the Entire Playoffs? | FanGraphs Baseball

Belated Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage Alert | NotGraphs Baseball
Remember the good ol' days of bat flips? Well Yasiel Puig is bring that back.

232DA94551833D9F1BE66A (400×224)
Mike Trout has Nate McLouth on his fantasy team

BORBON.gif (640×360)
No wonder Julio Borbon was DFA'd by the Rangers.

ibeiPFRGixybqC.gif (500×280)
Think you can hit MLB pitching? Another Yu Darvish gif, this time of his slider.

0SPSFkB.jpg (700×907)
Sanford Koufax Scouting Report

0BigkD5.gif (640×360)
Outfield lessons from Eric Byrnes

And to top it off, this horrible commercial by Bret Boone. Boone Apetit!