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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 8

A lot of close contests this round, with three games ending tied, and another decided by a single RBI.

Best fantasy pitcher last week was a Diamondback: Patrick Corbin
Best fantasy pitcher last week was a Diamondback: Patrick Corbin
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Week 8 Results

AZ SnakePit 5, CompleteGameShutout 5
A game of two halves, with Complete sweeping hitting - Hamilton had three home-runs, while Trout scored ten times and drove in seven. However, Snake took all five pitching categories: Strasburg notched a Win and 16 strikeouts while Reed picked up a trio of Saves.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 5, Dirt McGrit 5
Dirt had the better pitching, led by Sanchez's W and 12 K's, though Chapman had four Sv and nine K for Wieter, who took that area. Roles were reversed at the plate, where Encarnacion had seven RBI for Wieter, as they took all points except Runs; Beltran's five won that for McGrit.

Phoenix Platypi 3, Mizzoula Osprey 7
Osprey hit a collective .300, and swept batting despite Phoenix having Hitter of the Week Davis (four HR, seven R, .480). Osprey got two HR and eight RBI from Cabrera, and Markakis had two HR and seven RBI. They also got 14 K from Iwakuma. The Platypi got a W + 10 K by Kershaw.

Alabama Slammers 4, Sofa King Juiced 4
In a week of close games, this was the closest, with SB and W tied: each side scored two points in hitting and pitching. Slammers were led by Gonzalez (three HR, six RBI) and Rodriguez (two W, nine K's); Sofa by Gomez (two HR, five RBI) and Cobb (two Wins, 10 strikeouts).

Waffles 3, Moved Upton 6
Waffles had a great 1.29 ERA, but managed no Wins and one Save. Moved got two W + 15 K from Pitcher of the Week Corbin, two W + 13 K by Scherzer, and three Sv by Grilli. Wieters (Upton) led all players here with six runs driven in, while Longoria scored five for Waffles.

Space Wizard 6, Got Grittiness? 4
Space continued their climb out of the basement, hitting .292 and getting two HR plus eight runs from Votto; Craig had four Runs and six RBI for Got, but Space took RBI by one for overall victory.. Grittiness had two W and 10 K from Williams; Wizard countered with a W + 13 K by Cain.

The Fighting Amish 3, Blonde Streaks 7
Blonde enjoyed a 0.93 WHIP this round, with Nathan notching three of their six Saves. But it was their offense which clinched this one, Jones homering four tines and scoring seven. Brown had two HR and seven RBI. The Amish got two home-runs and seven driven in by Gattis.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Sofa King Juiced 49-24-7 .656 - 4-4-2 2 10
2. Mizzoula Osprey 47-29-4 .613 3.5 7-3-0 10 14
3. Waffles 44-33-3 .569 7 3-6-1 8 22
4. Dirt McGrit 40-33-7 .544 9 5-5-0 12 15
5. Moved Upton 42-36-2 .538 9.5 6-3-1 4 12
6. Alabama Slammers 39-34-7 .531 10 4-4-2 11 24
7. Space Wizard 38-36-6 .513 11.5 6-4-0 5 2
8. MyWieterGetzLongoria 36-38-6 .488 13.5 5-5-0 7 10
9. Blonde Streaks 35-38-7 .481 14 7-3-0 9 12
AZ SnakePit 36-39-5 .481 14 5-5-0 1 7
11. Phoenix Platypi 31-43-6 .425 18.5 3-7-0 3 6
12. CompleteGameShutout 31-46-3 .406 20 5-5-0 14 21
13. Got Grittiness? 29-47-4 .388 21.5 4-6-0 13 26
14. The Fighting Amish 27-48-5 .369 23 3-7-0 6 20

Week 9 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Space Wizard
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. CompleteGameShutout
Phoenix Platypi vs. Dirt McGrit
Alabama Slammers vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Waffles vs. Sofa King Juiced
The Fighting Amish vs. Got Grittiness?
Blonde Streaks vs. Moved Upton

Sofa vs. Waffles is the ESPN Game of the Week, as first takes on third. Sofa have Buchholz in the top ten of all players thus far, with Rios leading their hitters and in the top 20. Waffles are more hitting oriented, with Segura and McCutchen in the top 20, but no pitchers ranked in the top 50 at this point.