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Grading the Dbacks 2010 Draft

Adam Eaton was the steal of the 2010 draft.
Adam Eaton was the steal of the 2010 draft.

The 2010 draft wasn't the team's best draft ever, however, they did land one gem which can make an entire draft pay off. But it was short on depth primarily due to the fact they didn't have many picks in the higher rounds, and none in the compensation rounds. They passed over a couple of elite arms to take Barrett Loux who they never signed and eventually became Archie Bradley. But the biggest coup in the draft was Adam Eaton in the 19th round. His future hasn't played out yet but it's looking like they may have found a long-term center fielder and leadoff man. Anytime you can do that regardless of when they were chosen you've accomplished something. So let's look at who they chose and how they grade out.

Barrett Loux, RHP, 1st Round, # 6
As we all know the team never signed Loux and was rewarded with the 7th pick in the 2011 draft which turned out to be Archie Bradley. If the move was made by design knowing they would get a similar pick in the following year's stacked draft, then someone deserves an extra gold star. Maybe they just got lucky as they did pass on a couple of other good pitchers. Matt Harvey went right after Loux and Chris Sale went three picks later. In any case, it worked out well so the grade has to be a solid A.

J.R. Bradley, RHP, 2nd Round, #56
A total miss as Bradley has yet to make it out of South Bend and he's not even pitching well there. He's nearing the end of the line and whichever scout made this call can't be proud to have this one on their resume. Grade - F

Robbie Rowland, RHP, 3rd Round, #88
Rowland was traded to the Pirates for Brett Lorin, who is 5 years older. Lorin is pitching well this year in AA but doesn't seem like a serious candidate to reach the majors. Rowland isn't doing much at the moment pitching in the Texas League, but he's still only 21, so he still has an outside chance. Not a fan of the trade. Grade C.

Kevin Munson, RHP, 4th Round, #121
Munson has had his moments, both good and bad. His K numbers have been more than acceptable out of the pen throughout his climb up to AA. But his BB numbers and ERA have always been bloated as well and that keeps anyone from seriously considering him for a major league future. He's now 24 and there are others champing at the bit to pass him in the pecking order. He's running out of time but not quite dead yet. Grade C.

Cody Wheeler, LHP, 5th Round, #151
Blew his arm out early in his first year. Came back in 2012 and pitched well under strict pitch count limits. Now in Visalia and pitching decently as he adjusts to advanced hitters. Good K rates as he tries to make up for lost time. He's 23 and looks like he still has a chance as he rebuilds his arm strength and stamina. Grade B.

Blake Perry, RHP, 6th Round, #181
Still young at 21 but has struggled to make an impact in full-season ball. Started in South Bend in 2012 and got smacked around. Went back to Yakima and did very well. Now trying his hand at South Bend again and has been hit and miss. Still has time but not showing enough to get too excited about him yet. Grade C.

Jeffrey Shields, RHP, 7th Round, #211
Did not pitch very well in 2011 or 2012 and has been released. Grade D.

Tyler Green, RHP, 8th Round, #241
Has pitched two years in a row for South Bend and was merely okay. His ceiling does not look to be much higher with marginal K rates. Currently on the DL. Grade C-.

Zach Walters, SS, 9th Round, #271
Was playing well in 2010 and 2011 then was traded to the Nationals for Jason Marquis. Has made it up to AAA where he appears to have stalled. But was ranked in Nationals' Top 20 prospects at #14. Marquis didn't work out too well so no return on this pick. Grade C.

Kawika Emsley-Pai, C, 10th Round, #301
Played one season in Yakima and was released. Bouncing around the Pirates system currently. Grade D.

Mike Freeman, SS, 11th Round, #331
Has been a valuable contributor on every minor league team he's been on as he's climbed the system. Led the Cal League in hits last year. Starting at 2B this year for Mobile. Lacks power but has decent speed and doesn't strike out much. Not sure he'll ever reach the majors but has a chance to be a utility guy for someone. Grade B.

Blake Cooper, RHP, 12th Round, #361
Has been a pretty reliable reliever throughout his climb to date. Just got promoted to Mobile after an excellent start in Visalia. He is 25 though so he's running out of time. Might be a tad short of being a major league bullpen arm. Still pretty productive for 12th round. Grade B.

Tyler Linton, OF, 14th Round, #421
Given a nice signing bonus to skip college. High hopes for him have been dashed by injuries. Still only 22 but he can't progress if he can't stay on the field. Did not land a full-season job out of spring training so it looks like he'll need to prove himself in Missoula or Hillsboro first. Grade C.

Michael Bolsinger, RHP, 15th Round, #451
Has been very good at every stop so far, though he's always been older than the level. Currently in Mobile where he's been rotating between starting and relieving and has been pretty good at both. Not sure he can go all the way but he's been productive. Grade B.

Westly Moss, OF, 16th Round, #481
Played one full season and was released. Grade D.

Derek Eitel, RHP, 17th Round, #511
Eitel has been a fairly reliable arm but not one that does anything to get noticed. Relegated to the bullpen this year. He's nearing the end of the line. Grade C.

Jimmy Comerota, 1B, 18th Round, #541
Good year in 2011, not so good in 2012. Released. Grade D.

Adam Eaton, OF, 19th Round, #571
Eaton has been nothing short of electric at every stop along the way. Was on his way to being the starting CF for the Dbacks before injury struck. Still has a big future. A major find in the 19th round. Grade A+.

Raoul Torrez, 2B, 21st Round, #631
Never did much in the Dbacks system. Released after last year and signed by Houston. Not going anywhere. Grade C.

Jeremy Erben, RHP, 22nd Round, #661
Released after a so-so season last year in Mobile. Decent K rates. Signed by the White Sox. Hanging around. Grade C.

Stephen Cardullo, 2B, 24th Round, #721
Released after two seasons in Missoula. Grade C.

Yazy Arbelo, 1B, 26th Round, #781
Has shown prodigious power especially last year. But struggling this year and defense is downright horrendous. Could be a DH type if he gets consistent. Grade B.

Niko Gallego, SS, 27th Round, #811
All glove, no-hit shortstop. Now in Colorado system. Grade C.

Keith Hessler, LHP, 28th Round, #841
Very productive left hander has held his own at every level so far. Not special but reliable. Hasn't reached his ceiling just yet. Grade B+.

Tom Belza, 2B, 43rd Round, #1291
Has been a pretty reliable hitter over the last three years. Still hanging around and still doing the job. Getting close to his ceiling but pretty solid player. Grade B+.