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Diamondbacks 5, Padres 2

It was a good night for Brandon McCarthy as he put in another good start when he pitched 7 innings while giving up 1 run and 2 strike outs. Padres pitcher Eric Stults was troubling the Dbacks until the bottom of the 7th. Brandon gave up his only run in the 2nd inning when Yonder Alonso singles Carlos Quentin home from 2nd. All of the Dbacks runs came in the bottom of the 7th when they scored 5 runs on 3 doubles and a single. David Hernandez replaced McCarthy and gave up a home run to Everth Cabrera. To make the score 5-2 still in favor of the the Dbacks. The Heath Bell Experience came in for the save in the ninth and looked shaky, but managed to keep himself together long enough to get the save and notch the win for the Diamondbacks to keep them tied for 1st place in the NL West.