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Snake Bytes, 5/23: Robo-Ump Edition

If ever there was a series that illustrated a need for a change in how games are officiated, the just-completed three game set between the Diamondbacks and Rockies and Coors Field is it.

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Justin Edmonds

Quick Quotes

"That's baseball," Ross said. "One day you can score 10 runs, and the next day you can get shut out. That's the way this game is. That's why it's so beautiful. You can never explain why certain things happen like that. You just have to learn from them and learn the reasons why we're not scoring runs and getting a lot of hits."

Cody Ross on the Diamondbacks up and down offense

"They made me work a lot, the whole game," De La Rosa said. "They made me pitch. But when I had to throw good pitches, I did."

Jorge de la Rosa on being able to pitch out of trouble to keep the D’backs off the board

"They out-executed us offensively," Gibson said. "You look at it -- they got guys in, we didn't."

Kirk Gibson summing up the game in one sentence

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondback Bats Quiet as Rockies Take Rubber Game

For the second series in a row, the Diamondbacks had trouble getting the bats going after a prolific offense showed up for the series opener. This time, the boys in Sedona red were held to only one run in Coors Field. As of the writing of this article, there is still no word about MLB’s response to the egregious disregard for the rules involving replay by (once again) Angel Hernandez and his crew of merry umpires who had a horrible series when it came to blown calls and violating the collective bargaining agreement on when replay can be used.

Chavez Getting Noticed

It didn’t take long for the former all-star third baseman to start making waves. Eric Chavez is on a torrid pace, thanks in large part to his healthy body and the trainers that take care of it.

Corbin Gets High Praise

When a guy is in his 17th year in MLB, has just under 2,500 hits (a number he will fly past this season, health permitting), and holds a career lifetime batting average of .319, it’s a fair bet to say he might just know something about evaluating different pitchers on their nastiness. So when Todd Helton, former batting champion and four time Silver Slugger winner, says that Patrick Corbin has the filthiest slider he has ever seen, that says something.

More Praise for Corbin

It’s not just the opposition that is taking notice of Corbin either. The folks over at the azcentral put together a slideshow taking a look at how Corbin has, according to Kevin towers, become the ace of the team’s staff.

Memorial Day Tribute

This Monday is Memorial Day. In honour of the occasion, the Diamondbacks will be wearing special commemorative uniforms.

Goldschmidt, the Diamond(back) in the Rough

As Godzilla continues to put up spectacular number, more and more folks are looking at how he ever managed to fall to the eighth round in the 2009 draft. Thankfully the team had Tom Allison around to make the case for drafting him.

Bradley Continues to Impress

Diamondback prospect Archie Bradley has continued to impress as he makes his way through the minors. After four starts in the "tougher" AA Mobile, the right-handed phenom has a sparkling 0.90 ERA. While indications seem to be that he will not make a MLB appearance this season, if he keeps up this sort of dominance, who knows what could happen come September.

Brenly Wants Robo-Umps

Generally one of the biggest supporters to be found of umpires, even Bob Brenly is getting tired of the boys in blue interjecting themselves into a game. So, after a particularly bad strike three call against Pennington on Tuesday, the former Diamondback skipper aired his frustration while doing colour analysis.

Around MLB


When the Cleveland Indians signed Michael Bourn this off season, they weren’t just after a good leadoff hitter, they wanted his stellar defense. I don’t think this is quite what they had in mind, although Miguel Cabrera will take it, it's not that he needs any additional help this year.

Pie in the Sky?

After getting off to a horrible start and then undergoing shoulder surgery, the Phillies Roy Halladay still

looks to be back by August.

Mattingly Not Going Quietly

If he is going to be fires, Don Mattingly will be getting fired on his own terms. The beleaguered Dodger manager sat Andre Ethier for the third time in six games, this time rather publicly. The team responded by winning the game.