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Diamondbacks Thing of the Week: Baseball Necklace

Attractive beads in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ team colors from Trash City were all the inspiration that baseball fan Anita Brandon of MelodyODesigns needed to create this necklace that includes her handmade dangling baseballs, “autographed” bat and glove, all made from polymer clay.

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No game for the Diamondbacks today, so expect the usual mix of off-day randomness throughout the day; starting now! Some of you may know that Mrs. SnakePit's side activity is selling beads and beading supplies over at, which she has been doing for... Well, since before there were any Arizona Diamondbacks. There, she just sell the components: no finished jewelry. But, sometimes, the people to whom she sells them will send her back pictures of the things they make, using our products - and that's pretty cool. It's like running a building supplies warehouse, and having customers send you pictures of their houses.

If you want to see more general examples, check out the TC Gallery. But we've been selling a bunch of beads in colors not dissimilar to those sported by the Diamondbacks of late - for MLB licensing reasons, that's about all we're able to say there - as well as pewter charms with a baseball theme, ceramic baseballs, etc. Even Mrs. SnakePit got into the spirit of creation, making a baseball-themed lanyard [which would be ideal for a season-ticket holder!], and we had another customer recently purchase the components to make a Diamondbacks rosary. Presumably, to be used when the bullpen comes in to a save situation...

However, the piece pictured above probably takes the concept to a whole other level of imagination. We can't claim credit for all the components - just the red, black and beige beads used on the body of the necklace. The rest, along with the idea, is all Anita's. As someone who possesses little or no ability in the areas of arts and crafts, I can only admire those who have! If you're looking for a unique present from a designer based right here in Arizona (Cottonwood, to be precise), please check out her website - tell her the SnakePit sent you...