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Snakepit Minor League Fest: June 15th

Come watch a AAA game with your Snakepit "friends" as the Reno Aces take on the Tucson Padres in the Old Pueblo on June 15th! Details below.

Christian Petersen

In the grand tradition of events on this website (SnakePitFest, Spring Training Fest, World Baseball Classic Fest, FrenchyFest, WernerHerzogFilmFest etc.), we are pleased to announce "Minor League Fest!" This will be held on June 15th, 2013, at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium (formerly Tucson Electric Park) which is at 2500 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713. What is the reason for this, you might ask? The Reno Aces, who you should know as the AAA team for the Arizona Diamondbacks, will be in Tucson for a four-game set against the Tucson Padres, the AAA team for the San Diego Padres (duh), and us of the Snakepit will descend upon this game with our usual charm and grace in the stands.

The game starts at 7:05 PM on that night. The basic idea will be that we all buy General Admissions tickets, which are $7, and clump around somewhere and cheer on the future of the Arizona Diamondbacks/rehabbing players/AAAA filler guys. Considering the usual attendance at games, tickets are not in danger of running out, so you can purchase them the day of the game. Since this is America, you are more than welcome to also purchase them through the Tucson Padres website, if you desire

All snakepitters are welcome, including and especially those of you from that up north place. I would be open to the idea of meeting up somewhere beforehand for food. However, the options around Kino are a bit light (unless you REALLY like In n' Out Burger or Gas Station Food.), so I will welcome any suggestions in the comments for eateries.

We hope to see you out there! Let us know in the comments if you plan on attending, or are considering it, or if you have any questions.

As far as the usual SnakePitFest? At least one of those is happening this year, stay tuned for more info from Jim!