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Adam Eaton experiences "soreness in elbow"

The hoped for return of Adam Eaton might have been pushed back, with our outfielder returning to Phoenix after experiencing what appears to be a setback in his recovery. [Hat-tip: grimmy01]


The issue appears to have cropped up after a few days playing in the outfield. He didn't seem to have any problems doing so for Visalia, but he returned to Triple-A Reno and played for them on Monday. Said Eaton, "First one there I felt a little discomfort. Then I felt it again and I just knew this isn't right. Against my better judgment -- because I usually try to play through stuff like that -- I told the trainer and they got me right out of the game." Treatment on Tuesday didn't provide any relief, and he came back to Phoenix to have the elbow examined by team medic Dr. Michael Lee.

The (relatively) good news is, he's hopeful it won't be too much of a setback: "It doesn't hurt any more or as bad as before. I think it might just be a couple-of-day shutdown," but added, "I'm just speculating." Eaton is not a doctor, nor does he play one on television, and given the original dianosis of a small tear in his UCL, the obvious concern is it could require Tommy John surgery, which would end his season before it begins. Having been so close to a return - possibly as soon as this weekend in Phoenix - only to experience an apparent relapse, is obviously disheartening, and Eaton expressed disappointment, describing it as feeling " like someone punched me in the stomach."

We'll update you as soon as more information on the extent of the injury is available.

Phew. Sounds like good news.