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SnakeBytes 5/22: Don't Call It a Comeback

That one hurt. The Diamondbacks rallied from a 4-run deficit to tie the game, but just could not get the go-ahead run across, eventually falling 5-4 to the Colorado Rockies. Bad Umpiring may or may not have played a significant role in determining the outcome of this game.

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Justin Edmonds

Quotes of the Day

“You know you can sit here all night and say, ‘Well, some have gone our way and some have gone their way. I just don't think that’s the way the game should be. It’s either a strike or it isn't a strike and that was not a strike.”

- Bob Brenly on two questionable called-strikes in the 7th inning.

"We didn't have a lot going on all game, actually. Then we had the one inning where we got something going and we tied it up. It just became, 'Who was going to make a mistake?' and we made a mistake there in the last inning to the last couple of hitters. Balls were up and out over the plate and they hammered them."

- Kirk Gibson

"I fell behind him, but more than that, I had a game plan and didn't execute it. Anytime you fall behind, it makes it tougher and [I] threw him a bad pitch and he hit it. Kind of the thing on him is he'll hit breaking balls if they're in the zone, and I left one that was way too much zone, way too much up and he just turned on it."

- Matt Reynolds on giving up a double, which would become the winning run, in the 10th.

Diamondbacks Links

Arizona Diamondbacks fall to Colorado Rockies in 10th inning

The Diamondbacks had their rally bid brutally quashed by home plate umpire Adrian Johnson. After scoring 4 runs in the 7th to tie the game, the Diamondbacks loaded the bases again only to have Gerardo Parra and Didi Gregorious strike out looking at some dubious "strikes."

Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Bob Brenly says it’s time for robo-umps in baseball

What are your thoughts on the human element? Should we have automated ball/strike calls? Or do the umps do a satisfactory job?

Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley keeps getting better

Kevin Towers on Archie Bradley's road to the majors:

“At some point in time, he’ll be ready, and when we have to create a spot, we’ll have to create a spot. But right now, at least the way our starters are throwing and the depth that we have, I don’t think we need to rush him. I think the more time he has down there, getting acclimated in pro ball and logging innings down there in back-to-back years, another 150 to 170 innings, that’ll be good for him.”

On the Not Literally Venomous Patrick Corbin | FanGraphs Baseball

More Patrick Corbin love from Fan Graphs. Jeff Sullivan had this to say about Corbin's filthy slider, "Corbin has moved the slider out of the zone more often, but it hasn’t stopped the hitters from swinging just as much. It’s simply stopped the hitters from hitting it as much. Corbin’s slider has been one of baseball’s premier putaway pitches to this point in time."

Around the League

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Bad umpiring is an epidemic. Check out that called third strike on Pitch f/x.

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An exhaustive list of the best performers of this still-young season.

Nationals closer blames Bryce Harper after blown save | SI Tracking Blog

Bryce Harper may be a little gun-shy after his collision with the outfield wall the other night.

The Reds have grown up together as a team. | : Howard Megdal Article

Nice write up on the Reds' core of young players.


Baseball Prospectus | The Lineup Card: 7 Baseball Firsts We Expect to See in Our Lifetimes

I think it's an absolute lock that a hitter strikes out 250 times in a season in the next decade or so, but that all depends depending on how long Mark Reynolds can play baseball.