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Play of the Year Nominee: Miggy to Josh to Josh

We may not have completed the sweep in Florida, but the later innings did have an amazing defensive play on a bunt attempt.

Neither Miguel Montero nor Josh Collmenter perhaps have a reputation as among the best athletes on the roster, but you wouldn't have known it from their catlike agility and reflexes on this play. We've already documented how the Diamondbacks defense this season has been a significant factor in their success, and I expect that, come the 'Pitties at the end of the season, there will be a wealth of nominees in categories such as Play of the Year. But I'm pretty certain this will be one of the candidates.

It's one of the great things about the game of baseball. Even in the depths of a mediocre game, you can still see something absolutely amazing. We were reminded of that over the weekend, with Fox Sports Arizona's screening of Randy Johnson's perfect game: it's still the only one ever thrown for the franchise, and came in the middle of one of the worst seasons in National League history.