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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 13: Miami Sound Machine

8 PM Arizona Time is when our weekly live Google+ hangout discussion will occur. Watch it!

A 4-2 week this week for the D'Backs. Hard to complain about that. Taking two of three from the Braves (who are purportedly good) and two of three from the Marlins (who are objectively bad) is a good way to live. Another good way to live? Watching the Snakepit Video Roundtable!

This week we'll do as we always do and recap the past week while looking forward to the next. We'll also talk about The occasionally struggling offense, whether Patrick Corbin and Paul Goldschmidt can continue to destroy all in their path, and the life and times of former Braves/Marlins reliever Tim Spooneybarger (One of these things will not happen.)

And of course, you can submit questions and comments in this thread, as well as e-mail them to You yourself can also appear on a future installment of the Snakepit Video Roundtable, just e-mail me or the aforementioned, or if you're in a GDT or something just say "Hey, Clefo! I wanna be in the Snakepit Video Roundtable this week!" and I'll probably say "Sure."

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