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Snake Bytes, 5/17: Gold Man and the Sea Edition

Paul Goldschmidt had another huge night and Trevor Cahill turned in a strong pitching performance en route to a 9-2 beating of the Miami Marlins on Friday night. Martin Prado continued to improve by contributing three hits, while Eric Chavez had a four-hit night, including a first inning home run.

Marc Serota

Quick Quotes

"It's fun to watch," Cahill said of Goldschmidt. "He's just kind of carrying us right now. He's that guy in the lineup, the guy you can tell that other teams don't want to beat them."

Trevor Cahill on Paul Goldschmidt's big night

"Every time we get here, we just jump on his back and he carries us," Martin Prado said. "I'm telling you. Every day, it's like, 'How many guys are you going to carry today?' He's like, 'The whole team.'"

Martin Prado on teammate Paul Goldschmidt

"However many I fouled off, all of them were down and away, mostly really good pitches," Goldschmidt said. "Then, fortunately for me, he made a mistake. I don't know if he was trying to come in or not, but the pitch I hit out ended up being middle of the plate, maybe a little in."

Paul Goldschmidt on his 13-pitch AB

"I'm just trying to make a good pitch at that point," Slowey said. "For me, making pitch after pitch away, you feel like maybe you can get a ball inside. Looking back at the replay, I didn't get it inside where I wanted, and he put a great swing on it. He's a great hitter, and he's swinging the bat really well right now, too."

Marlins pitcher Kevin Slowey on the 13-pitch battle with Paul Goldschmidt

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks Win Big

A stellar night by Paul Goldschmidt, in support of a strong outing by Trevor Cahill, led the Diamondbacks to a 9-2 win over the Miami Marlins in Friday night's series opener. Eric Chavez had a home run as one of his four hits in the game, while Martin Prado and Gerardo Parra both contributed with three hits.

Daniel Hudson on the Mend

Daniel Hudson faced his first real challenge, pitching in extended spring training against Angels' minor leaguers on Friday. While the in-game results were not very pretty, the rehab results were promising.

Chavez Getting it Done

Originally picked up to platoon with Chris Johnson at third base, Eric Chavez's role changed significantly after the Justin Upton trade. After some early season struggles, a change to his therapeutic treatments has allowed Eric Chavez to become an anchor in the Diamondbacks' lineup where he is currently hitting .337 on the season while continuing to play the great defense he has always been known for.

Should the Diamondbacks Move Kennedy?

The question has been raised and the conversations have begun as to whether or not it might soon be time to move on from ol' Red Beard.

Goldschmidt Getting National Recognition

The Diamondbacks' first basemen was the subject of a segment on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, where the hosts discussed Goldschmidt's uncanny ability to hang in at the plate until he sees his pitch.

Around MLB

Is Baltimore for Real?

Keith Law notwithstanding, the Baltimore Orioles are starting to make believers out of people not actually living in Baltimore.

Former Diamondbacks Have Big Night

Former Diamondbacks Chad Tracy and Adam LaRoche had big hits for the Washington Nationals leading the team from the nation's capital to a 6-5 win over the San Diego Padres on Friday night.

A New Era in Baseball

Some eras take time to define, others seem to emerge overnight. Somewhere in between, but closer to the latter is the emergence of the strong pitching, strikeout-rich era of the game.

Astros Redefine Ugly (Again)

The Houston Astros continued to just give away wins on Friday night. After leading the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1, the Astros managed to squander the lead and then lose the game in the 9th on what should have been a routine shallow fly to second base.

Futility Watch

Houston Astros

Record: 11-31 - on pace for 120 losses

Strikeouts: 417 - on pace for 1608, shattering the all-time record

Miami Marlins

Record: 11-31 - on pace for 120 losses

Atlanta Braves

Strikeouts: 380 - currently on pace for 1501 on the season, 28 short of the all-time record