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Phillies 3, Diamondbacks 1

Both starting pitchers were good, unfortunately Cliff Lee was gooder, and the Phillies offense was able to tack on some runs against the bullpen to pull out the win despite a chance in the ninth.


The Diamondbacks five game win streak came to an end, as well as the seven game streak of the bullpen not allowing a run as they fell to the Phillies 3-1.

Trevor Cahill gave up one run in five innings, but had the pitch count demons haunt him today, partially due to Gary Cederstorm never giving him the edge of the zone, but ooooohhhh he would give Jonathan Papelbon the edge and then some. Not that I'm bitter about this, but I think Gary likes to huff spraypaint and torture small animals.

The D'Backs were able to get hits off of Cliff Lee, but were never able to get that mythical string of them together to score off of him. They had the bases loaded with two outs in the seventh, but Wil Nieves decided to strike out. A Cody Ross sac-fly in the eighth preserved the lack of shutouts for the Diamondbacks.

There was an excellent chance to tie the game in the ninth off of Papelbon with runners at second and third with one out. However, Eric Hinske and A.J. Pollock decide to strike out because #YOLO.

Full recap upcoming.