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Snake Bytes, 4/6: Sergio Leone Edition

With a 3-1 start to the season, things are looking good for the Diamondbacks so far. It's always nice to take one from Milwaukee, first they poorly copied BOB, then they got lucky and drubbed the boys in Sedona Red from the 2011 Playoffs.


Misconceptions about the 2013 Arizona Diamondbacks

Jules Tompkins over at Arizona Sports provides an interesting look at the net statistical changes made to develop the 2013 Diamondbacks. Although some of it might come off sounding like a dead horse argument, the majority of the points are well articulated and valid without being preachy or actually "going there".

Whatyou talkin' about DH?

Meanwhile, I remain perplexed how Doug & Wolf took away Gambo & Ash's afternoon drive-time slot, relegating Gambo (and now Burns) to a shot lunchtime block. One only need look at Doug Franz's latest bit of hyperbole to see why.

The Good

Despite being the 4th Outfielder, Gerardo Parra has managed to do an admirable job in the leadoff slot, extending his hit streak last night and putting together a respectable .474 batting average over the first four games. His TOOTBLAN on Opening Day aside, the Diamondbacks couldn't really ask for more, not even out of Adam Eaton.

The Bad

After four games, the Diamondbacks have already accrued 40 strikeouts.

The Ugly

It took a hit, three walks, a sacrifice bunt, and a wild pitch, but the Diamondbacks managed to get two across the plate in the 7th Inning of last night's game in Milwaukee. Hey, this isn't a beauty pageant, we'll take them anyway they come.

Around MLB

  • I think we can officially declare that Chris Davis has already had a good month of April. The Orioles 1B is making Chris Young's start to 2012 look pedantic.
  • The Houston Astros continue their assault on the claim to epic futility. For those keeping track, this box score from last night's game brings the Astros up to 56 strikeouts through the first 4 games of the season.
  • It sure didn't take Scott Kazmir long to find his way back to the DL. On the flip-side, this means that Trevor Bauer is already back with Cleveland. Although it's a spot-start, how long can that rotation really leave him in AAA Columbus?