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SnakeLines, Week 1: Diamondbacks Runs

Welcome to the first full week of SnakeLines where you get to pit your wits (small letters used to avoid copyright infringing myself!) against... Well, me. This edition: how many runs will the D-backs score against Milwaukee and Pittsburgh?

The game is simply played. As a reminder, I give you a stat for the week coming up, and you decide whether the actual result will be over or under the predicted number. If you get it right, you get a point. If you don't, you get nothing. Points will be tallied over the course of the season - there's a possible bonus if you took part in the pre-season team wins prediction contest - and the winner will get...something. Probably, something from my large closet of unwashed D-backs shirts. So, the more often you take part, the better your chances of winning. The line for this week is:

Diamondbacks Total Runs: 28½

Here's are some numbers and background for you to take into consideration when weighing your choice. First of all, here is this week's schedule (pitching match-ups, subject to change, of course)

Fri, Apr 5 @ Milwaukee 5:10 PM Wade Miley (0-0) Kyle Lohse (0-0)
Sat, Apr 6 @ Milwaukee 4:10 PM Patrick Corbin (0-0) Mike Fiers (0-0)
Sun, Apr 7 @ Milwaukee 11:10 AM Ian Kennedy (1-0) Yovani Gallardo (0-0)
Mon, Apr 8 vs. Pittsburgh 5:40 PM Trevor Cahill (0-1) Wandy Rodriguez (1-0)
Tue, Apr 9 vs. Pittsburgh 6:40 PM Brandon McCarthy (0-0) James McDonald (0-1)
Wed, Apr 10 vs. Pittsburgh 12:40 PM Wade Miley (0-0) Jonathan Sanchez (0-0)

Other numbers to consider:

  • 2012 average runs per game on the road. 4.23
  • 2012 average runs per game at home. 4.83
  • Runs scored last series @ Milwaukee: 12
  • Runs scored last series vs. Pittsburgh: 10
  • Runs scored last series: 17
  • Average runs per game this year: 5.67
  • Hitting this year: .280/.341/.440
  • Hitting with RISP this year: .296/.333/.519

Just respond in the comments with "Over" or "Under," and you'll automatically be entered into this week's round. Entries will close at first pitch tonight, which if you paid attention above, you'll know is at 5:10pm, Arizona time, so don't delay!