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SnakeBytes 4/5: On the Road Again

After the marathon game played on Thursday, and according to Daniel Hudson, the D-backs hopped on a plane for Milwaukee just hours after the game. The life of baseball players eh? In this edition of SnakeBytes we have injured players hitting again, Sipp feeling refreshed, and the aftermath from the Cardinals' series.

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Is Aaron Hill the key to the D-Backs success in Milwaukee?
Is Aaron Hill the key to the D-Backs success in Milwaukee?

Quotient Quotables

I know he's excited to do that. He's really champing at the bit.

-- Kirk Gibson on Adam Eaton returning for the first time since the injury.

It has gone way better than I expected it to, I thought it might be awkward at first, but I haven't had an awkward day. From day one, I came in and it felt like everyone really guided me through and showed me the ropes. They've done an amazing job of helping me if I forget a name or if I need to know where to go. I've really enjoyed it because if everyone is joking around and laughing, it makes it easier for the new guy to come in and feel comfortable.

-- Tony Sipp on adjusting to his new ballclub.

I hate to keep going back to Oakland, but it started early where you just keep getting walkoff wins [...] I think you just kind of create an identity that, ‘We’re not down, we’re not down,’ ‘Don’t be tied with us in the late innings,’ or, ‘We’re going to come back and win it.’ If it helps a team create an identity and a belief, then it’s a good thing. Whether or not it actually has any effect, I don’t know. But I think it just at least puts the thought of belief into everybody’s head.

-- Brandon McCarthy talks about building identities early on in the season.

I’m just trying to get something I can hit hard and got a pitch that was good enough. Fortunately it was up the middle and not right at them. I started out for 0-for-whatever it was. I didn’t think I was going to get a hit all year. To get some hits in extra innings and get a big one like that is good. I wasn’t losing confidence or anything.

-- Chad Cliff Pennington discusses his approach at the plate amidst the 0-for-11 slump to start the season.

Diamondbacks News

Save your hard earned Dubloons when the Pirates come to pillage

In honor of the longest home game in franchise history, Derrick Hall went to twitter to offer a spectacular deal for the Pirates series.

There should be no reason to not take advantage of that amazing deal, with the series starting Monday, April 8th. So hurry up and call! I can only imagine quantities will be limited.

Spending with an eye toward the future?

After 7 players received contract extensions for a total of $167.5 million, many were questioning where did this money come from? In Jack MaGruder's excellent article yesterday, he stated that with the influx of money coming from numerous TV deals more and more teams will start to pay their players. Ken Kendrick had this to say about changes coming on the horizon.

The landscape will change next year. If you are looking at signing people long term, you will have that much more revenue. As clubs get their heads around that, I think the escalation of salaries is going to substantially increase. I think (our) contracts will be looked at as good deals. The contracts of Prado and Hill we gave this year ... players like that are going to be a more expensive proposition next year... Hopefully we've invested in the right players.

For the team and fan's sake, let's sure hope they did.

Looking Forward: Brewers/D-backs

While we wait for the next installment of Zavada's Moustache's Series Previews (which can now be found here), we can take this opportunity to check out some other content around the blogosphere. This preview from 1isthelonliestnumber shares some insights on who we will see on the mound from both squads, while also wrapping up that whirlwind of a game yesterday. If you missed it and want the cliffnotes version, go check it out.

For some insight into the opponent, pull out your refreshment of choice and head on over to BrewCrewBall for their previous series' wrap-up. Check out what they have to say about their own players' and correct them on their spelling of Wade Miley.

Around The League

National League Preview

You're busy, and you probably missed every single National League Preview. Well it just so happens we've got one more to show you! Our good friends at 2GuysBlogPodcast had the luxury of watching a couple games this season to better get a feel of how the teams in the National League will rank.

Things not to do if you're the Team Mascot

  1. Pose with questionable fan-made signs
  2. Throw hot dogs in fans' faces
  3. Hug Players
  4. Get Lap Dances while still in uniform (you can search that one yourself)
  5. Be Baxter

Manny Ramirez Update

I know you've been waiting for it, so here it is. Manny hit his first home run in Taiwan. While the pitch was only 84 mph, it's still a pretty difficult spot to hit a home run from. Oh wait, Matt Holliday did it against Trevor Cahill, never mind.

Evan Longoria is human like the rest of us

I get it. He was watching a potential game-tying homerun that just missed. But it's still funny to watch him make a mistake T-ball players can't get right.

To wrap it up, I was going to write a punny title but I'm ashamed to admit I had to go to google for help. The first link I clicked was this one, and that's where it ended because I can't come up with anything better than the ones posted.

First pitch for tonight's game is at 5:10 AZ time so be sure to check back here for that.