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SnakeBytes, 4/4: From the Desk of the Sleep Deprived

It ended the way we wish every game could end, but could we please not have too many more games go past midnight in the middle of the week please?

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Around the rest of MLB

  • The Diamondbacks aren't the only team working through significant injuries. The AARP crew over in the Bronx. With a significant portion of the team already on the DL, things are just getting better for the Bronx Bombers as Hiroki Kuroda had to be removed from the game after getting hit with a batted ball.
  • The state of Texas is giving the Diamondbacks plenty of reasons to pay attention. First, the Rangers extended Elvis Andrus, demonstrating exactly why trading Upton for the now filthy-rich Boras client was pretty much never a very good idea.
  • Meanwhile, those laughable losers from down south are trying their best to erase one of the Diamondbacks more dubious MLB records.