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SnakeLines, Week 4: Didi Gregorius Hits

So, this week's SnakeLines is coming to you from the Cayman Islands, funded by the massive profit the casino made on last week's wager. But it was closer than I expected....

Week 3 review

The line for the week was on Paul Goldschmidt hits, and was set at 6½. There were a couple of bits of misinformation provided, but since one helped and the other hindered the result, I'm going to declare offsetting penalties on myself, and everything stands. I said Goldzilla would enjoy facing Lincecum in the series against the Giants, but that didn't happen. However, to counter that, I also forgot that this weekend series against the Rockies was a four-game set, meaning that the line covered seven games, rather than the six I expected. Hey, the moral is: don't trust anything a bookie tells you about the line on which you're betting!

After a slow start, picking up two hits in Colorado and the first San Francisco game, Goldschmidt turned things up a notch, with a two-hit game on Tuesday and another hit in the series finale. He homered in his second at-bat last night, taking him to six for the week, but lined out in the fifth and flew out in the eighth, when a knock on either occasion would have made winners of an awful lot of people. That turned out not to be the case, however: the line proved close to accurate, but the action was almost entirely one-sided:

  • Winners: Craig from Az gets to sip a margarita by the pool in splendid isolation.
  • Sinners: Ooh, where to start? Deep breath. GuruB, azcougs, eel, AJV19, TolkienBard, Surksquatch, leemellon, imstillhungry95, Marc Fournier, BrokeNBattleX, Gildo, rd33, piratedan7, LiamNeeson, hotclaws, frienetic, azshadowwalker, AzRattler and Daniel Corbin Jr.

On the plus side, the lack of success does make it a piece of cake for me to update the standings. Copy... paste... insert "Craig from Az'... and there we basically go.

  • 2 points
    Marc Fournier
  • 1 point
    Craig from Az
  • 0 points
    Daniel Corbin Jr.

Week 4 line

Something slightly more challenging this week, since there's more than just player performance which will need to be considered. Didi Gregorius has become a fan favorite in only a few games, showing smarts on the basepaths and a cannon for an arm at shortstop. However, he has not yet convinced Gibby to ink his name in the line-up every day, particularly against left-handers. So, when contemplating his line, you will have to think, not just about his production, but the amount of playing time he is likely to get. This line covers six games at Chase, against the Rockies and Giants. Here are some numbers to help you, mostly from the last six games for Didi

  • Four appearances
  • 17 at-bats
  • Six hits
  • Two expected opposing starters this week will be lefties (Francis + Bumgarner)

Gregorius hits this week: 5

Note that, because it's an exact number and not a half, there are THREE possible wagers this week. You can call over, under, or if you think Gregorius will get exactly five hits, there's a third option: PUSH. Should it happen, that one pays out double, i.e. two points to those who choose it, and in such a case, all over and under bets will lose and score zero. As usual, just post your selection in the comments to take part.