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Pit Your Wits Week 3: Season Finale

Week three of the competition is underway!

Chung Sung-Jun

Last time on Pit Your Wits, we discussed better ways to have control over the clothing choices of opposing fans. Here are the people who won:

First Place - Zavada's Moustache (13 Recs)

Every invasive fanbase will be punished according to the worst stereotypes of that fanbase:

Dodger fans: shall be barred from the stadium before the third inning, and forcibly removed after the seventh. Also, they must keep a beach ball from touching the ground for the entire game.

Cub fans: shall be forced to share a section with a billy goat. Also, they must consume nothing but Arizona hot dogs.

Brave fans: shall be forced to maintain a tomahawk chop for the duration of the ball game. They may not switch arms.

Giant fans: shall be physically tortured. Every time one complains about it, Matt Cain takes an undeserved loss.

Paul Goldschmidt looks at Tim Lincecum and says "We are going to foxtrot, and I will always lead."

Second Place - imstillhungry95 (9 recs)


should make them hang out with Baxter ALL GAME

You keep using that word 'strikezone'. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Third Place - piratedan7 (5 recs)

you wanna wear Dodger gear?

that’s fine but you and your friends get to pick up all of the sunflower seed shells by hand in the visitors dugout……

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused....


Person Points
Jim McLennan 6
Zavada's Moustache 6
blank_38 3
imstillhungry95 3
TylerO 1
piratedan7 1

Your challenge this week is this:

Season finale time is coming up for network type Television Shows. In about 90% of cases, whoever runs said show likes to leave people with a cliffhanger ending to keep them talking through the summer.

Your challenge this week is to tell me what sort of season finale the D'Backs TV show should have. For purposes of this challenge, you can assume D'Backs TV is whatever genre you want it to be (Sitcom, Gritty Action Serial, Sci-Fi Epic, etc.). Submit an entry, and rec other entries that you like. The top three will get points.