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Snakebytes 4/24: Deja Wooo!

It felt like deja vu, Belt crushed one into the bay to tie the game at 4-4 in the bottom of the 9th. You would be forgiven for thinking this might not end well. The good guys prevailed, however, after Pablo Sandoval got thrown out at the plate in the bottom of the 10th thereby erasing what would have been the Giants' winning run. Panda's glacially-paced running opened the door for Didi Gregorious, who by dint of his own hustle scored the go ahead run in the top of the 11th.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Quotes of the Day

"He was money. He threw really good."

- Miguel Montero on Patrick Corbin.

"Out of the box I was hustling trying to get into second and get into scoring position right away. I was getting a lead and Matt told me to be ready just in case he throws something in the dirt and be aggressive and take it."

- Didi Gregorious on his 11th inning baserunning

“I think today was probably my biggest game where I was able to throw all three of my pitches for strikes. I feel like when you’re capable of doing that, you’re going to keep your pitch count low and give them some innings.”

- Patrick Corbin on Patrick Corbin

"It's a shame Patrick didn't get that win. We've got to clean that up."

- It really is, Kirk.

Diamondbacks Links

Didi Gregorius’ hustle pays off in hard-fought Arizona Diamondbacks win

Didi Gregorious looked like the antithesis of Willie Bloomquist on the basepaths last night. Running with malice, Didi turned what looked to be a routine single to right into a double with one out in the 11th. He then took third on a ball hit to third, setting himself up perfectly to score on wild pitch moments later. Watching Gerardo Parra go full TOOTBLAN later in the inning highlights just how skillful Didi played his cards on the basepaths.

Corbin’s slider; Gregorius’ aggressiveness; & farm report

Nick Piecoro brings us lots of good info on Corbin's slider and his confidence in his pitches. The piece also offers interesting insight into Didi's thought process on the basebath. There's also a farm report, but John's got you covered there already.

D-backs hoping to turn tide in one-run games

The Diamondbacks are now 4-4 in one run games, but in more important news, Willie Bloomquist played three innings in the field during an extended Spring Training game. But seriously Willie, take your time. You don't want to rush back too early. They've got this kid Didi who has been doing alright at short.

Around the League

Video: B.J. Upton, Justin Upton hit back-to-back home runs vs. Rockies

You knew this would happen eventually.

Giancarlo Stanton is stuck in a nightmare with the Miami Marlins

It's tough not to feel bad for the artist formerly known as Mike. The Snakes could probably offer a pretty attractive package for the young slugger. How does Willie Bloomquist, Jason Kubel, and one of Eric Hinske or Josh Wilson sound? Your move Loria.

ASU baseball to move Phoenix Municipal Stadium starting in 2015

I'm really gonna miss drinking $9 domestics in a shadeless, concrete oven while watching A's Spring Training games. The Phoenix Muni isn't the flashiest park, but it was always my favorite Spring Training park to visit. With the A's headed to Hohokam and the Cubs heading back to Chicago (jk, I wish), ASU baseball will fill the void at Phoenix Muni. There's only one problem - you can't drink at college games. The only reason Phoenix Muni lasted as long as it did as a Spring Training park was because everyone was drunk (science!). One thing we can all agree on though, is Packard Stadium will be much better as an overpriced student condo/yoga/frozen yogurt/tanning facility.


The GIF-toral representation of how I felt as a Diamondbacks fan over the last week, but which has come to represent how Giants fans feel this morning and should always feel, always.

SPOILER ALERT: It's a guy getting hit in the nuts with a baseball.

Steve Patterson clarifies Chase Field announcement

ASU football at Chase Field? Maybe. ASU AD President Michael Crow announced Tuesday that ASU football would be playing its home games at Chase Filed while Sun Devil field is being renovated. This was met with a resounding "WHAAAA????" from the Diamondbacks' brass who maintain that any discussions of football at Chase are only preliminary.