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Fan Confidence: This Is a Call (for Diamondbacks Themed Bars/Restaurants)

It seems like there are more Chicago and New York themed sports restaurants in the Phoenix area than anything professing love for the local teams. We open the floor for a possible D-backs themed restaurants guide.

Doug Pensinger

Some people probably think that the Valley of the Sun is a sports wasteland. Sure, you have access to all 4 major league sports, a PAC-12 college, and WNBA, but Phoenix is often thought to be where sports go to die (assuming its though of at all).

I think that's a load of crap. There are Buffalo Bills bars (4 of them, somehow), Steelers bars (13), bars dedicated to the Yankees and Red Sox, and nearly an infinite amount of generic New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago themed restaurants. That Portillo's Hot Dogs opened recently in Scottsdale to a near riot of fat Midwesterners isn't shocking, it's just a regular part of life in the Valley. Remember, also, that one of the most famous sports restaurants in the area is Don & Charlie's, an unapologetically Chicagoan place, and more dedicated to general sports memorabilia than anything local.

So it's a near sports paradise, presuming you don't follow a local team.

That Phoenix might not have a great selection of Diamondbacks bars might seem like just another knock against our general fanbase, but it's also not completely shocking. Maricopa County is on the lower end of bars per 10,000 households, as shown on these fancy graphics, and part of that could come down to how car-centric our lives are. Other car-centric metro-areas are also on the lower end, with Las Vegas being the obvious exception.

Yet if random teams from whatever dying Rust Belt city can have dedicated places in Phoenix, certainly the Diamondbacks could, too. I'll admit that the only place I can think in my area is Zipps, which is more just a general local sports restaurant than truly Diamondbacks centric. Even then, I don't think I've ever seen much of a baseball crowd there, though NFL Sunday are obviously packed.

My knowledge is limited, though, which is why I turn this over to your collective experience. Know of a good local sports restaurant or bar? Even better, is truly a Diamondbacks bar, in that people actually go there often to root for the Sedona and Black? If you know of any, put them in the comment. Over the summer I'll try to visit them so we perhaps a more comprehensive guide to Diamondbacks bars.