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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 9: Dinger Must Die

8 PM Arizona time will be the time that we have our weekly Google+ hangout roundtable. Join us!

So that was an interesting week of road games. Drop the first two, win the last one in hyperventilating fashion. So could have been better, could have been worse.

Always better (or worse) is the Snakepit Video Roundtable! At 8 PM, join our purportedly full panel (No more Clefo and Soco yuk yuk hour, EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS BRILLIANT!)

This week, we'll talk about the slow starting/nonexistent offense, Didi Gregorius, a good chunk of our lineup being in a triage unit, how much we should laugh at the Dodgers, and which non-Diamondbacks player really gets on our nerves? (If you have to guess what my answer is, you haven't paid attention ;) )

We will also accept your questions and comments in the thread. If you have a good one, I'll throw it out there to the panel. However, in an effort to lessen the time where I go "Uh, let's see if there's any more questions.... (15 seconds of awkward pause because there aren't.)" You can also send your questions via e-mail to, which will be checked frequently and we will use questions from there.

Also, you can watch previous episodes as well as a repeat of this one on the Snakepit YouTube Page. Subscribe!