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Snake Bytes, 4/19: Chilled in Colorado

After a marathon game in New York, the Diamondbacks arrived in Colorado during the wee hours before dawn. Ian Kennedy turned in a quality start, but the the Diamondbacks bats went as cold as the Denver weather.

Justin Edmonds

"I'd rather throw my pitch than give in, so I wasn't too worried about the walk," Kennedy said. "I got [Carlos Gonzalez] with the next strikeout, and I was happy with two outs with Tulo coming up. It looked like [the pitch] was in, but it wasn't in enough. It was kind of up, but he got on top of it. He's one of the best hitters in the National League, so he did a pretty good job of getting to it."

Ian Kennedy on surrendering a Home Run to Tolowitzki

"The middle of our lineup didn't get any production out of it. It's going to happen."

Kirk Gibson on the Diamondback heart of the order going 0-12 with 5 strikeouts

Ian Kennedy Bounces Back

Despite taking the loss in Colorado on Friday night, Ian Kennedy turned in a quality outing giving up three earned runs on three hits through six innings of work.

Chacin Injured in Rare Outing

Although Chacin handled the Diamondbacks, his rare performance of going more than 100 pitches may have been an expensive one.

Magruder on Davidson

Jack Magruder of FOX Sports showcases Matt Davidson and how he's learning from another Diamondback big bat - Paul Goldschmidt.

In the Minutiae Department

Doug Franz gives a quick rundown of how various trades over the past three years effected the outcome of the Diamondbacks win in New York.

Todd Walsh Reflects

Todd Walsh gives a touching reflection of his memories of Joe Garagiola, Sr. and likens him to the recently departed Roger Ebert (in a good way).

Around MLB

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

I'm not sure if one can even count the number of ways this series of plays was a fiasco. TOOTBLAN does this no justice at all.

Mrs. Mays Passes Away

Mrs. Mae Louise Allen Mays has passed away at the age of 74.

Miggy, Mauer, and Kershaw

These guys have been around and putting up some eye-popping numbers since well - forever it seems. Yet, having turned 30 just Thursday, Cabrera is the old man of the bunch. Jason Stark looks at some of the gaudy statistics this trio has managed to accumulate in their careers.