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Gameday Thread, #2: 4/2 vs. Cardinals

Can Trevor Cahill match Ian Kennedy last night, and get the W? We'll find out the answer by the end of this Gameday Thread!

Won't be about for this, since we're going to the first game of the year, courtesy of the SnakePitette. Or rather, a friend of her boyfriend's mother, a season ticket holder who can't get to the game tonight, so passed the tix down the chain, eventually to us. I nearly didn't accept the offer - my initial thought being, if they're giving the tickets away, how good are they? More out of politeness, I asked for details, already wording a polite refusal. Turns out they're pretty good. As in I may have left skid-marks collecting them. :) So, keep an eye out for us, just to the 3rd-base side of home plate, close to the front. I will, naturally, be wearing my SnakePit shirt, representing like a....representing thing.