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Diamondbacks 1, Rockies 3

The Diamondbacks dropped the series opener to the Rockies this evening behind an offensive blackout. The Diamondbacks managed just five hits.


Ian Kennedy and Jhoulys Chacin both had perfect games through three innings, and both were broken up in the fourth. Kennedy's was broken by way of a Josh Rutledge walk followed by a Troy Tulowitzki home run. Chris Nelson tripled and scored in the fifth inning.

The Rockies managed only three hits to Arizona's five, but the Rockies just made more of their hits. Ian Kennedy left the bases loaded in the fifth, and Cliff Pennington and Paul Goldschmidt both ground into double plays. (Goldy also had the golden sombrero with 3 Ks.)

Gerardo Parra scored on an error in the 9th inning for the Diamondbacks' only run. Cody Ross was the tying run at the plate but popped out to - of course - Tulowitzki to end the game.