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SnakeBytes, 4/19: Hampel Still Sucks Edition

A pair of one-run losses and an extra-inning victory sums up the NY series. Could have gone better, but at least we averted the sweep, Now, it's on to Colorado. Pack a sweater...

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Three RBI for Chavez, thank you very much
Three RBI for Chavez, thank you very much

Quotes of the day

  • "I am, let's put it this way, a little bit aggressive at the plate. I try to be patient, too, sometimes. He threw me a first-pitch fastball. I saw he was throwing first-pitch fastballs to everybody, so I decided why not take a swing at it?"
    -- Didi Gregorius
  • "I don’t know, I guess I concentrate a little bit more, focus a little bit more when the game is on the line. I was telling somebody earlier that maybe I should act like it’s the ninth inning in the first inning and have that approach."
    -- King of clutch, Cody Ross
  • ""It's a day I'll never forget. Just to be here with my family, all my friends here getting to see me play, it was awesome. To have the chance to pitch here is just amazing. I felt good and had really good fastball command and my slider today was good."
    -- Patrick Corbin
  • "I saw him raise his hands and I just was hoping that they would call the swing. I really couldn’t hear. It was loud. I’m happy I got that call. After last night, you just don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over. I made some good pitches, those are some good quality hitters and I’ll try not to make it that hard next time."
    -- David Hernandez

[ESPN] Diamondbacks have grit ... and talent

David Schoenfeld writes in generally approving terms about our start. and points out that we've done so without two - and now three - expected regulars, in Adam Eaton, Cody Ross or Jason Kubel, and Aaron Hill. Our depth is one of the reasons he picked Arizona to win the NL West, and he concludes, "Yes, the Diamondbacks will be a punching bag all season on Twitter and in blogs as people make jokes about their latest gritty effort. But don't be surprised if they do some punching back of their own where it counts: in the win column."

[] Justin Upton has 8 9 homers, but D-backs have 'best player in baseball'

Fulsome praise from Eric Hinske for his team-mate, Martin Prado, whom he describes as "amazing." GM Kevin Towers praises Prado's versatility and flexibility: "He always has the right answer. Where do you want to hit in the order? Wherever. Where am I playing today, second base? OK." Towers also speaks about THAT trade "It was a deal that was best for both parties. He needed a new start. We needed a new identity, instead of being Justin Upton and the Diamondbacks. I think we know who we are now: a band of 25 brothers." So far, so decent.

Around baseball

  • We may be 3-0 in extra innings this season, but we have a very long way to go before we can catch the Baltimore Orioles. Their last such loss was more than a year ago: Matt Wieter's grand-slam in the 10th last night allowed them to win their seventeenth consecutive extra inning contest.
  • Our next foes, the Rockies, completed a three-game sweep of the Mets, pounding out 17 hits today, in an 11-2 victory. They scored 28 runs in the series and have scored 5+ every home game so far. Getting the win for them was a name we might recognize: former D-backs Jon Garland. The temperature at game time? 28 degrees.
  • "Longtime big leaguer LaTroy Hawkins said it directly: Baseball in the United States has become a sport for the rich. This is the root of the issue, one that Selig's committee doesn't seem to be assembled to address. With the possible exception of Southern University coach Roger Cador, most of the esteemed committee members come at the game with either an ethereal or nostalgic viewpoint."
    -- ESPN's Tim Keown on what the commissioner's diversity committee should find
  • Ryan Braun needs to take lessons from the D-backs on delivering Gatorade baths to team-mates.