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Snake Bytes, 4/18: Coming Up Short

Another game in New York, another heart-breaker. After dropping a close game against the Yankees' ace, the Diamondbacks will look to Patrick Corbin to right the ship.


"I definitely wish I would have had that pitch back, I wish I would have slowed the game down a little bit more, but it was just a bad pitch. I knew that he was probably geared for a fastball right there, so I just didn't throw it where I wanted to throw it."

David Hernandez on giving up the Home Run to Travis Hafner

"He was one pitch away from getting out of it, and he couldn't get it done," Montero said. "It's pretty sad, because he threw a heck of a game."

Miguel Montero on Miley's outing

Diamondbacks Drop Second Close Game to Yankees

Despite hanging three earned runs on a sharp-looking C.C. Sabathia, the Diamondbacks came up short, dropping the second consecutive game in which they actually help the lead. Wade Miley looked good for 6.2 Innings before hitting a wall and losing the strike zone. Travis Hafner had the big hit in the 8th.

Diamondbacks are 8th

The MLB Power Rankings are out for both ESPN and FOX Sports for the week of 16 April.

Patrick Corbin Looks to Stop Skid

Looking pretty sharp on the year so far, Patrick Corbin will be taking the mound in New York as the Diamondbacks hope to avoid being swept by the Yankees.

"Don't Press Send"

Paul Calvisi writes about Ken Kendrick and the Dodger fans in the high visibility seats.

Pollock Continues to Impress

With Kubel moving to the DL in order to make room for Ross on the 25-man roster, Pollock remains in the starting lineup, and he is doing everything he can to make sure he remains there.

Around MLB

Strikeouts are King

Or at least they were on Wednesday night where, among other events, Felix Hernandez and Max Scherzer faced off in a game that went 14 innings and tallied 40 combined strikeouts.

The Excitement of a Clean Hit

Tom Verducci and friends can complain all they want about collisions at the plate. With the score tied 1-1 after a marathon affair, the Tigers/Mariners game ended in about the most exciting manner imaginable - and Buster Posey wasn't injured. No one seems to be complaining now.

Who's Worrying (and Who Should Be)?

Jason Stark takes a look at some early season returns and rates the amount of worry players and teams should be considering with the results.