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Diamondbacks 2, Yankees 4

A Robinson Cano three-run-shot was the difference as the D'Backs dropped the first game in New York.


Brandon McCarthy and Ivan Nova had a pitch count contest tonight, and McCarthy blinked first. A three run blast to Robinson Cano in the fourth inning gave the Yankees a 3-2 lead and they did not look back.

The D'Backs had taken a 2-0 lead in the third on a Miguel Montero sacrifice fly and a Cody Ross RBI single, but were unable to really capitalize on Nova's shakey start. The D'Backs went 2-8 with runners in scoring position tonight, which is generally not considered good.

Other than a Miguel Montero single in the eighth, the D'Backs offense was silent from the sixth inning on, and Mariano Rivera got the save on Jackie Robinson Day-After.

Also of note in this game, the Yankees honored the city of Boston after their tragedy yesterday by playing about 65% of "Sweet Caroline", and Ichiro swinging at a pitch that hit about five feet in front of the plate.

Full recap upcoming