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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 8: A Week of Even-Keel(haul)

Watch our weekly Google + hangout at 8 PM Arizona time where we discuss the Diamondbacks and occasionally anything else.

Since we last joined you, the Diamondbacks went 3-3, losing a series against the Pirates, but having a 66% success rate in the "Beat LA" achievement. Next week we get to see The Yankees and the Rockies in their respective home places, and people with less than average vision will get their uniforms confused.

For now, we have another episode of the AZSnakepit Video Roundtable. At 8 PM tonight we will start a live Google+ Hangout stream in the video box above. We'll be talking last week's games, next week's games, give some Minor Leaguers some gold stars, and things that you ask in the comments of this here post. Longtime viewers will tell you that we always take time to answer some questions from you guys.

Should you miss the live stream, you can always watch it again in this video box. You can also watch it and previous episodes via the Snakepit YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it, won't you?