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Gameday Thread, #12: 4/14 vs. Dodgers

Be nice to take the first series against our NL West rivals this season, but we'll probably need Trevor Cahill to be better than he was in his starts so far...

This was sad:

Jackson is only aged 30, but his career basically fell off a cliff after 2008, when he contracted valley fever. Up to that point, he had an OPS+ of 104; after it, 73. His last major-league time came in September 2011 with the Boston Red Sox, and as noted above, he just didn't quite make it onto the Orioles roster thus spring - it appears to have been the final hurrah for CoJack. He's still third in the all-time list for on-base percentage at .358, and is also in the top ten for OPS (min. 1,500 PAs).