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Snake Bytes, 4/13: The Smell of Victory

Kershaw threw yet another brilliant game, but Corbin managed to match him and the Diamondbacks continued their recent dominance of their divisional rivals.

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Christian Petersen

Quick Quotes

"You ask any pitcher in here and they'd love to have Kershaw's arm. He's got some of the best stuff in baseball. You just know every time going out there facing him it's going to be a tough battle, but I kind of just wanted to go out there and be myself, that's the biggest thing I've learned."

Patrick Corbin on facing Clayton Kershaw

"I made some clutch pitches, those are the situations that make this game fun," Hernandez said. "Not while you're doing it, of course, but after you get out of it. Just the adrenaline and excitement it brings, it's fun."

David Hernandez on his adventurous 8th Inning

"I think we have a pretty good ballclub here, no one should sleep on us," Corbin said. "We may not have the big time names like the Dodgers or Giants, but we have a great group of guys who fight every day."

Patrick Corbin quietly serving warning to MLB

Kennedy is a Fan Too

Ian Kennedy talks about returning to the Bronx later this week after having started his big league career there.

Piecoro Doesn’t Pull Punches

Diamondbacks beat writer Nick Piecoro has an interesting article attacking the narrative of the Upton/Prado trade, and not the trade itself.

Tim Kurkjian Disagrees

On the other side of the narrative, Vince Marotta of ESPN come out and basically gives a non-Diamondbacks employee’s take that mirrors the front Office’s

It’s been a Struggle so far

The shutout of the Dodgers last night, is just the most recent in the season’s struggles for MLB’s most expensive team – and the Diamondbacks have really had their number of late.

Around MLB

The Search for a SS Begins in Toronto

Jose Reyes has sprained his left ankle, causing Toronto to look elsewhere for a possible replacement.

Quentin/Greinke Fallout

In the wake of the Thursday night brawl, Carlos Quentin received an eight game suspension. Meanwhile, Zack Greinke will have surgery and 8 weeks of recovery to consider a better way to absorb being trucked by an angry player.