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SnakeLines, Week 2: Pitcher ERA

Week 1 of SnakeLines is in the books, so let's see whose bets paid off in the first round, and set the table for the second stage,

Week 1 Review

The line last week was regarding runs from the offense, and was set at 28½. The offense came through big time over the weekend in Milwaukee, putting up eight on Saturday and going one better the following day - with 20 runs scored in the first series, this looked like a foregone conclusion. However, the hitters then struggled a bit to score runs in the first two games of the P.irates series, but yesterday's blowut, providing free tacos (with the purchase, etc, etc.) for the third time this week, proved easily enough to push the final tally over the line, with the Diamondbacks finishing the week at a nice, healthy tally of 38 runs scored.

Fan optimism wins out this week, with the Susie Sunshines sticking it to the Debbie Downers, and to the house as well, with 11 of the 17 participants getting it right. The breakdown was:

  • Winners!: blank_38, BobRob12, azshadowwalker, Marc Fournier, grimmy01, backtocali, AJV19, AZfan85308, Gildo, Shawnwck and eel
  • Sinners! BigLeagueAZ, GuruB, LiamNeeson, SenSurround, frienetic and TolkienBard

Though it hardly seems worth the effort after exactly one week, here's the leader-board

  • 1 point
    Marc Fournier
  • 0 points
    and, I guess, all those who didn't take part last week!

Week 2 Line: Diamondbacks' staff ERA: 3.99

Having given the hitters their time in the sun, let's turn to our pitching staff, as we head for a week where we face both East and West coast branches of the Evil Empire. Here's the upcoming schedule, which includes two starts for Mr. Corbin.

Fri, Apr 12 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
6:40 PM Patrick Corbin (1-0) Clayton Kershaw (2-0)
Sat, Apr 13 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 5:10 PM Ian Kennedy (1-0) Hyun-Jin Ryu (1-1)
Sun, Apr 14 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 1:10 PM Trevor Cahill (0-2) Josh Beckett (1-1)
Tue, Apr 16 @ New York Yankees
4:05 PM Brandon McCarthy (0-1) Ivan Nova (0-1)
Wed, Apr 17 @ New York Yankees 4:05 PM Wade Miley (2-0) Phil Hughes (0-1)
Thy, Apr 18 @ New York Yankees 4:05 PM Patrick Corbin (1-0) CC Sabathia (1-1)

And some other numbers, to help you decide on which side of the fense you want to fall.

  • 2012 ERA: 3.93
  • 2013 ERA to date: 3.80
  • 2013 Home ERA: 4.13
  • 2013 Road ERA: 3.10
  • ERA last series vs. Dodgers: 1.00 (two-game series)
  • ERA last series @ Yankees:6.00 (back in 2007)

As before, taking part is easy: you just post OVER or UNDER in the comments, depending on where you think the team's actual ERA will fall, compared to the SnakePit Casino's prediction above. Get it right, get a point, and get on to the leader-board! Entries close first pitch tonight, though I'm generally a little more flexible with regard to late bets than Las Vegas (unless we concede eleventy-twelve runs in the first inning!).