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Snake Bytes, 4/11: Wally Pipp Edition

Wade Miley has picked up right where he left off last year – stopping the bleeding in the desert. Meanwhile, Pollock is giving the team every reason he can to take their time bringing back Cody Ross.


"I think he had really good stuff going, I just didn't make the right calls. He threw everything that I put down, so I felt bad because he really trusted me, and I feel like I let him down."

Miguel Montero on Brandon McCarthy's Tuesday evening struggles

"He's better on lefties than he is righties."

Kirk Gibson on A.J. Pollock

An Offseason Review

Steve Adams over at MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at the Diamondbacks Offseason.

Interview with Hudson

Hudson talks about how he came to select his agent and how things have gone for him since then, including his going under the knife.

Cody Ross Update

Despite Pollock's most recent outburst, according to Kevin Towers, it looks like Ross is on track to join the Diamondbacks for the trip to New York. Of course, if there's a set-back, it's beginning to look like things might still be well in hand.

The Influence of Jackie Robinson on Don Baylor

Jack Magruder conducts an interview with Don Baylorwho discusses growing up with adversity and how the patience of Jackie Robinson helped to influence him and keep everything in perspective.

Around MLB

Batista Not Done Yet

Miguel Batista has apparently not called it quits just yet, having signed a minor league deal with Toronto.

50 Years Ago

Pete Rose does a Q&A session with Gabriel Baumgaertner of SI, talking about making his debut on April 8th, 1963.

All Things Must Eventually End

The Boston home sellout streak officially came to an end last night. Here's a look inside some of the numbers the streak produced.