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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 6: Another Opening, Another Season

When this Google + live streaming hangout goes live, and it will at 8 PM Arizona time, there will be an actual meaningful baseball game being played. Join us to celebrate and talk about the D'Backs and other stuff.

Okay, yes, the game in question today will involve the Astros, but beggars can't be choosers. Your grandparents would have gladly sat through an Astros game and enjoyed it, because there was a depression going on, dammit! The Diamondbacks will not be playing until tomorrow, when they take on the Cardinals, so before that join us for our weekly video roundtable!

Some of the things our panel will be discussing this week include:

- There is a roster! There are 25 human males on it! How does it look?

- Paul Goldschmidt is that much closer to a Scrooge McDuck money pool. We will talk about his contract and what it means for him and the team.

- There will be 162 games played in the next six months. How will the Diamondbacks do in them? Or failing that, how will they do in the next week?

- Is Jim wearing pants?

And as always, we will take time to answer your questions in this here comment thread that you submit.

Remember: You can always replay this episode in the video box above, and you can watch past episodes on the Snakepit YouTube Page(TM).

Hoppy Easter! (See what I did there?)