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Patrick Corbin, Alfredo Marte take last roster spots

Corbin built on his very good spring to win the final spot in the rotation, sewing up the only real battle of the exhibition period. Marte came out of almost nowhere to take the backup outfielder position.


After much hullabaloo, okay really just the videochats, Patrick Corbin has been named the 5th man in the rotation for the Diamondbacks.

Last night's game was a good display of what the kid is capable of, going 6 innings, allowing only 2 hits, 2 walks, no runs, and striking out 7. HIs overall spring line was 25.1 IP, 2.81 ERA, and 26 strikeouts.

His main competition was Randall Delgado, who will likely head to Reno to wait for a chance to contribute to the Diamondbacks. Between him and Tyler Skaggs, the Diamondbacks certainly have some options if an early season injury occurs before Daniel Hudson gets back. By that point we'll have a real logjam, though, with 8 pitchers for 5 spots by my count. It provides some nice flexibility, though, should Hudson need more time or need to be eased back into it.

The injuries to Cody Ross and Adam Eaton have tested our outfield depth early, and this results in an unexpected winner: Alfredo Marte, whose name few people probably knew before spring training. He made a big impression after returning to the roster on March 22, hitting three home runs in the final eight games, and appears to have edged out the speed of Tony Campana. Marte has no experience above the Double-A level, where he hit .294 with 20 home-runs and an .886 OPS for Mobile last season. He will turn 24 tomorrow, so this is a pretty cool birthday present