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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 2: First the Classic, Then the World!

Tonight at 8:00 PM Arizona time, watch a live Google + hangout of our writers discussing the various Diamondbacks related topics of the week.

Welcome to our second or third installment (depends on how you count it) of the Snakepit Video Roundtable. As mentioned before, we will be bringing these to you every Sunday evening at 8 PM Arizona time. You might be saying "But Clefo, I already knew that, you never shut up about it!" I understand that, but some people might not know that and they deserve to know just as much (and no, I'm not padding this to get to the 150 word minimum, why would I do that?)

This week, our panel will be discussing the first week of Spring Training. Specifically: The battle for the 5th starter, and players that whose performance we have noticed in our gameday and radio informed opinions (that might just be me.) We will also talk World Baseball Classic. We'll talk about teams and players to watch in the tournament and we'll EMBRACE DEBATE (Copyright ESPN) and discuss whether the WBC is a worthwhile event.

As always, you can and should leave questions for our panel in the comments and we will always take time to answer them during the live stream.

And, again, should you miss the live broadcast, you can always watch it again in the video box above. You can also catch previous shows on the "SnakePit Video" section of this website, or AZSnakepit's new YouTube page. Subscribe to it, won't you?


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