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Giants: 8, Diamondbacks: 6. Things Happened, Nobody Died

Is Spring over yet? Soon, I guess. Well here's some stuff about that game from earlier.


So today the D'Backs and Giants played a cosmically meaningless exhibition. If you're kind of a smartass (like I am) then you may have just pointed out that all Baseball games are cosmically meaningless, and that all of mankind's so called accomplishments are just a dust mite in China compared to the scope of everything. Well, you'd be technically right, but let's talk about this game, won't we?

The Giants got two runs in their half of the 2nd off of Nelson Figueroa when Nick Noonan (shout his name at a golf course near you!) had an RBI triple and Guillermo Quiroz sacrifice flied him in. The good guys (in our gray, nebulous world of baseball fandom) got a run back in the next half of the inning, but the Giants would go on to score the next five runs after that, making life miserable for Figueroa and Heath Bell.

The Giants would not relinquish the lead from there, which was kind of a jerk move. There were some bright spots, though. Nick Ahmed hit a home run, which was cool. Alfredo Marte had another one, possibly solidifying him as the 6th 5th 4th outfielder come opening day, or not. David Hernandez, Tony Sipp, and Josh Collmenter all had scoreless innings. Nobody got injured that I'm aware of.

Tomorrow is the last game that the D'Backs will play in a Spring Training stadium. It will be against a split-squad Texas Rangers team. Where will it be held? That's a Surprise.