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Willie Bloomquist To DL

While it seems neither Aaron Hill nor Jason Kubel suffered lasting damage from last night's Injurypalooza, the same can not be said for Willie Bloomquist.


The most aggravating thing about this, is that it comes only a few days after we cleared out the infield log-jam by trading John McDonald to the Pirates. If we'd held on to him, McDonald would have been the obvious choice to replace Bloomquist; instead, it's now looking like Josh Wilson will be the lucky recipient of an Opening Day roster spot. That would be appropriate, as Wilson also made appearances (albeit fleeting ones) with the Diamondbacks in April 2009 and April 2011. At least the team will be sorted if they need a pitcher for a blow-out, Wilson having also pitched for Tampa and San Diego, as well as Arizona.

Outside bet might be that we could try to get John McDonald back from the Pirates - he was dealt to them for a player to be named later, or cash considerations. And there is precedent in his career, as he is one of four players who ended up being dealt for themselves, under similar circumstances, being returned to the club from which they had been traded. Whether Pittsburgh will agree to that right now, is perhaps less likely, as they have infield concerns of their own to deal with.