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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 5: Hilbert's Hotel of Spring Training

Join us at 8:00 PM Arizona time for our weekly Google+ Hangout.

So more Spring Training. That's always nice, I suppose. It's a good way for players to get back in shape in game situations, and you can ease yourself into it, since there's no need to get injured for exhibition games and... OH DAMMIT ADAM, YOU HAD ONE JOB.

So this week on the Snakepit Video Roundtable, there will probably be much discussion of Adam Eaton's elbow and the consequences of its pain. We we also probably talk about the fifth starter because state law dictates that we must. It would be a slippery slope if we did not talk about it, my friend, a slippery slope indeed.

As always, we will also take time to discuss the questions you submit in the comments of this post here. You should do that.

The live stream will commence at 8:00 PM Arizona time, and as always, you can watch it all over again in the above video box. You can also watch past episodes on the AzSnakepit YouTube page.