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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 4: The Long Dark Springtime of the Soul

Spring Training is still slogging along, but the Snakepit Video Roundtable is still going strong. Join us at 8:00 PM Arizona time tonight for our weekly discussion of Diamondbacks topics and other stuff

Another week, another group of spring games. It's fun, isn't it? We also had the meta event of the US being eliminated by a smaller portion of the US in the World Baseball Classic. With that, the entirety of the Diamondbacks (other than Nelson Figueroa) is back in Spring Training. That includes "No offense, Willie Bloomquist".

Speaking of the genesis of that nickname, we also have out weekly Video Roundtable. Join our panel this week as we discuss the usual topics such as how the 5th starter race is going, who the various backups are going to be, and, of course, your questions left in the comments here. Ask them, we answer them. People can vouch for this fact.

The live stream will start at 8 PM Arizona time. You can watch a repeat in the video box above, and you can watch all other episodes in the video section of this website, or through the AzSnakepit YouTube account, which is something you should be a subscriber of. (Yeah, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. #YOLO)