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Diamondbacks Spring Training Gameday Threads: #18/19, vs. Rockies/Mariners

It's split-squad day, as the Diamondbacks spread themselves kinda thin, with games at Salt River Fields against the Rockies, and over at Peoria against the Reds.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Let's start at SRF, where this is the currently scheduled line-up:

  1. Breland Almadova RF
  2. John McDonald SS
  3. Aaron Hill 2B
  4. Eric Chavez 3B
  5. Jason Kubel LF
  6. Brad Snyder CF
  7. Kila Ka`aihue 1B
  8. Rod Barajas C
  9. Josh Collmenter P
    + Eddie Bonine, Brad Ziegler, Matt Reynolds, Joe Paterson, Starling Peralta, Matt Gorgen and Blake Cooper

In case you're wondering, Almadova was our 37th pick in last year's draft, and hit .306 for Missoula last year. I wondered earlier in the week howf the stretching of our outfield (no Gerardo Parra, Cody Ross and Tony Campan) would affect this day's rosters, and now we know. Gotta be cool for the guy to be starting, and hitting lead-off to boot. But I do wonder when we'll be getting the Venezuelan trio back: They completed their games on Sunday afternoon, so I trust they'll be back in camp before long. This one is being broadcast on a free webcast through, so tune in. There may be a special guest around the 6th or 7th inning...

Over on the West side of Phoenix, at Peoria, here's who we'll have repping the Diamondbacks against the Mariners.

  1. Adam Eaton CF
  2. Cliff Pennington SS
  3. A.J. Pollock RF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Eric Hinske DH
  6. Alfredo Marte LF
  7. Mark Teahen 3B
  8. Wil Nieves C
  9. Josh Wilson 2B
    + pitchers Patrick Corbin, Chase Anderson, Tony Sipp, Eric Smith, Andrew Barbosa, Seth Simmons, Bryan Henry

A few names here that are pretty unfamiliar too: the pitching list actually said "Simmon", but I couldn't find anyone with that name, so I'm assuming an S got lost, and it's our 40th round pick from 2011. I also a little uncertain about Henry, since no-one with that name, first or last, has yet pitched in camp this spring, and the same goes for Cooper in the SRF game. This is the "Someone called that pitched for the D-backs last year in the minors, so it's probably him" approach to research...

Maybe I'll find out when I'm over at Talking Stick this afternoon. Yes, after having enjoyed most of the early games from inside, this will be my third consecutive afternoon watching baseball live. This time, from somewhere (anywhere!) shady....