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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 3: Back In Spring Training

8:00 PM Arizona/Pacific time. You know the drill by now. If you don't: Come join us for our weekly live roundtable.

Another week, another group of Spring Training games to over-analyze. It's one of the true joys of pre-season Baseball. One of the others? The Snakepit Video Roundtable, of course! Join our panel this week as we talk Diamondbacks and Baseball related topics of the week. Some things we may hit this week:

- Spring Training performances so far. What does the fifth starter race look like now?

- World Baseball Classic: There is some fight in these teams! (See cause the joke is... nevermind)

- Some analysis of secret video we have obtained of Heath Bell singing Lifehouse songs at a karaoke bar in Scottsdale!*

- And, of course, your questions left in the comments. We answer the serious baseball questions and the silly off topic ones as well!

The live stream begins at 8:00 PM Arizona time. Should you miss the live stream, you can always watch it through the video link here. You can also view this and all previous episodes through the AzSnakepit Youtube Page, which you should also subscribe to.

*I may have made this up. Hey, Jonah Lehrer got paid $20,000 after admitting he makes stuff up, so I thought I'd get in on the game.