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Diamondbacks Sign Gerardo Parra For $2.35m, Avoid Arbitration

The Diamondbacks did it again, once more completing their set of arbitration-eligible players by agreeing to a one-year deal with Gerardo Parra.

Christian Petersen

Jack Magruder tweeted the amount which is slightly towards the team estimate. When the two sides submitted their pre-arbitration figures last month, Parra was asking for $2.7 million, while the team offered $2.1 million, so this is something near the middle of those two figures. The Diamondbacks extended their streak of arbitration-free seasons, and still haven't gone to a hearing since 2001 - as noted, only four franchises have a longer ongoing run of equitably agreeing to terms with all their players. Which is probably a good thing, as hearings can be a fractious process, the team basically dissing the man and his achievements.

Parra's situation for 2013 is likely going to be much the same as it was in 2012. The former Gold Glove winner will be a fourth outfielder, spelling the likely starters of Jason Kubel, Adam Eaton and Cody Ross, but will likely also see work as a late-inning defensive replacement, particularly for Kubel. And, as we saw last year, he'll be the first choice in the event of an injury taking one of that trio out of the line-up. He should still get plenty of playing time, but might have to do better coming off the bench: as a pinch-hitter, Parra is a lifetime .157 hitter (11-for-70).