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Super Bowl Open Thread

The Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers this afternoon in the XLVII'th Super Bowl. And, more importantly as far as I'm concerned, there will be lots of amusing adverts to discuss.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's the one day of the year, when the SnakePit officially gives a (semi-)crap about any sport other than baseball. I'm probably leaning towards Baltimore in terms of my personal support - in part because of the whole Edgar Allen Poe thing [I bet you H.P. Lovecraft is pissed...] and partly because I don't want San Francisco to win anything, ever. They are quite insufferable enough as is ['charmer excepted, natch]. But my degree of interest?


Indeed, it's quite possible we may bail before the end of the contest and do something more interesting. We could oversee the grass growth in the backyard, or I'm sure there is some paint that needs to be watched. Yeah. Not exactly an NFL fan, but the Super Bowl is more of a cultural experience than an actual game: a bit like the Oscars are not actually about movies. Or, at least, not movies most people watching it have seen, but we'll get to that in three weeks when we have our annual Oscar thread.

Have at it. I'm actually going to be at work till 4:30pm, so will probably slide into the thread a little late. Feel free to update me on any particularly witty commercials I may have missed.