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Diamondbacks Spring Training Gameday Thread, #7, vs. Reds

The D-backs travel out to the SnakePit Towers side of town, going to Goodyear this afternoon to take on the Reds. Less than 14 runs allowed, please.

Rob Tringali

Ah, the joys of spring training. The best pitching so far has come from the mound powerhouse which is the Colorado Rockies, who have a 2.66 ERA. 30th place goes to your Arizona Diamondbacks who, at 8.66, are more than a run worse than the 29th-placed team. Of course, it is undeniably significant that yesterday was the first start by anyone with a guaranteed spot in the rotation, and generally, our starting pitching has been somewhat better (a respectable 18th by ERA). It's games like yesterday, where a veritable Who's He? of pitching allowed 13 runs in four innings, which have inflated our overall numbers like Mike Zagurski at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Hopefully, we'll see better this afternoon. Here's today's line-up for the D-backs

  1. Adam Eaton, CF
  2. Willie Bloomquist. 2B
  3. Gerardo Parra. RF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  5. Jason Kubel, LF
  6. Rod Barajas, C
  7. Mark Teahen, 3B
  8. A.J. Pollock, DH
  9. John McDonald, SS
    + Pitchers Ian Kennedy, Tyler Skaggs, Eric Smith, Eury de la Rosa

And Tweet of the Day goes to Mark Teahen: