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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 1: Springtime for Hitters

Your Snakepit approved Oscar counter programming begins tonight at 8:00 PM Arizona time.

Spring training is here. Logically , games that are meant for guys to get back in shape and get minor leaguers some at bats and have more substitutions than All Star games aren't the Socratic ideal for Baseball fans, but dammit after a long offseason, it's heaven.

Two Spring games are in books, an 11-2 drubbing by the Rockies yesterday and a game today that sure was exciting, wasn't it? I'm totally not writing this post up Sunday morning because I have stuff to do during the day! Boy, how about (insert name here) winning that Daytona 500, eh? And can you believe that (insert name here) won a technical Oscar? Wowzers!

Tonight we will be doing our "season" premiere of the Snakepit Video Roundtable (suggestions for a more creative name will be accepted.) At 8:00 PM Arizona time we will begin a live Google+ hangout which you can stream on the video box at the top of this post. As with the last time we did this, we will devote a segment to answering your questions that you leave in the comments.

Tonight's panel will be discussing Diamondbacks Spring Training topics like who we think a player to watch will be during the spring, who will be cast out of our glut of position players, and our favorite spring training memories. Again, please leave questions in the comments and we will be more than happy to answer them.

If you happened to miss the live streaming, you can always re-watch it in the above video link. This and all future episodes will be available on the Snakepit's new YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to.