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Diamondbacks Spring Training: Gameday Thread, #2, vs. Rockies

After yesterday's whipping, we will be hoping for better at Salt River Fields this afternoon, as the Diamondbacks take on the Rockies, and try to get their first win of spring.

Eric Chavez. So now you know.
Eric Chavez. So now you know.
Rich Pilling
  1. Adam Eaton, CF
  2. Martin Prado, DH
  3. Aaron Hill, 2B
  4. Jason Kubel, LF
  5. Cody Ross, RF
  6. Eric Chavez, 3B
  7. Eric Hinske, 1B
  8. Wil Nieves, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, SS
    + Pitchers: Patrick Corbin, Charles Brewer, Warner Madrigal, Garrett Mock, Bo Schultz and Starling Peralta.

The above is assuming there's no switches as a result of Eaton playing in yesterday's game, when he came in as a late replacement for A.J. Pollock, who had tightness in an abdominal muscle. But I think Gibson will want to see what Eaton can do at the top of the order. We'll get to see how Corbin shapes up, as he takes the mound for his first outing of spring, being candidate #2 for the last spot in the Arizona rotation. As yesterday, the game will be on KTAR, though it appears you need to do up to the attic and find a "radio" in order to hear it. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with the abomination which is spring training Gameday - operated by a blind sloth, if yesterday is anything to go by.

By the time you read this, I will have spent the morning over at Salt River Fields, scoping things out for the first time this spring, so there'll be an eye-witness report from there later on today. While I'm there, Mrs. SnakePit is seizing the chance to do some scoping out of her own, looking at a building in the shopping complex nearby, with a view to its suitability for our film festival. What happens beyond that... We'll see. There's rumblings about us possibly going to the Japanese Matsuri event downtown,