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Snakepit Video Roundtables 2013

We will be starting this as a weekly feature this Sunday. Join us, won't you?


Here at AZSnakepit, we're always eager to try out new features and ideas that help you, the reader, get Arizona Diamondbacks new and opinions in fresh and interesting ways. (Sometimes they're too interesting. We had to reject the pilot of a talk show where soco and Eric Byrnes analyzed Proust in a four hour block.) And now, we are ready to move forward with a feature we cooked up this offseason that we're sure you'll enjoy. In fact, some of you have enjoyed it already!

As you may remember, on the day that Justin Upton was traded (you all heard about that, right?) we posted a live Google + hangout stream of myself, John B., BattleMoses, and soco discussing the trade.

"Wait!" I anticipate you saying, "I don't remember that!"

Well here you are:

As I mentioned in that post, we had been planning to do these, and the Upton trade gave us a prime opportunity to debut it, and we got some good feedback from you all!

Now we are ready to take the next step. Throughout the season, we will be attempting to do a weekly hangout show to discuss what has been happening with the Diamondbacks in the past week, as well as preview anything coming up the following week. We will also take time to field questions that you, the people, post in the comments of the live stream, making it an interactive event.

At this point, our shows will be taking place on Sunday evenings. This is a good time, since there is usually nothing else baseball-wise going on then (unless the D'Backs are ever on Sunday Night Bas- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Almost made it through without bitter laughter.) So, as such, our next show will be This Sunday, February 24th, at 8:00 PM Arizona time. You can expect a thread around 7:30.

"But wait!" I also anticipate you saying, "That conflicts with the Oscars!"

Think about what you just said, straw man I've made up in my head. Would you rather see a bunch of people read names of movies that you didn't bother to see, or watch some cool people shoot the breeze about your favorite baseball team? Plus, since Seth McFarlane is the host, you know we'll be funnier. So come join us this and every Sunday! You will not regret it!