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Diamondbacks Spring Training Round-Up: Snow Chance

Ah, spring in Arizona. Balmy temperatures, blue skies and short-sleeves. Or not, as yesterday proved!

"When you think of Arizona Spring Training, think of snow and a rainbow!"
"When you think of Arizona Spring Training, think of snow and a rainbow!"
@joshrawitch, via Twitter

Snowballs in hell: player reactions

Even though it was later in the afternoon before the blizzard descended [okay - by Arizona standards!]. the generally inclement weather meant there was no outside practice possible for the Diamondbacks on Wednesday, They were limited to hitting and pitching in the covered or indoor batting cages. Still, there were various nuggets of interest to come out today.

Farewell to Joe

It was truly the end of an era yesterday, as the Diamondbacks bid farewell to Joe Garagiola, who is stepping down from the broadcast booth, to spend more time with his wife of 63 years. If you haven't already done so, you can listen to all Joe had to say - which was as entertaining as ever - in our post yesterday, which say the press room at Salt River Fields as full as it has ever been. Also check out Jack Magruder's piece on Joe. Garagiola said he wanted to accomplish three things with his life. "I wanted to meet a Pope, I wanted to sleep in the White House and I wanted to make it to the Hall of Fame." Missions accomplished, Joe. Enjoy your retirement.

Starting pitchers announced

The Diamondbacks starters for the first three games of the Cactus League season were announced. As suspected, the three candidates for the fifth spot in the rotation will each get their turn, beginning with Tyler Skaggs, who gets to throw the first pitch of the pre-season against the Rockies on Saturday. Patrick Corbin follows up, when the same two teams face off on Sunday. And new arrival Randall Delgado will be the starter in the first "true" Arizona road-game, when they face the Royals (Frenchie!) in Surprise on Sunday afternoon. There's a split squad pair of contests Tuesday, with Josh Collmenter and a starter TBD, before the regular rotation takes over Wednesday.

Towers Talks Trades

GM Kevin Towers spoke to KTAR today, discussing the Upton trade that happened and some of those that didn't. "Before that we came very close with a three-way deal with Texas and Tampa in the wintertime that didn't end up happening, but it came close." He also explained why they proceeded with the Seattle negotiations, even knowing that the Mariners were on Upton's no-trade list, and that the team had been looking to improve its prospect depth in the middle-infield for a year. He also drew some interesting contrasts between Trevor Bauer and the likes of Paul Goldschmidt and Adam Eaton, Towers describing the latter as "sponges for information."