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Snakepitfests Ahoy!

Join the Snakepitters at a variety of Snakepitfest outings this spring, including the World Baseball Classic and JenFest 2013!

Cactus League action is around the corner.
Cactus League action is around the corner.
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SnakePit SpringTrainingFest Sunday

So, who all was wise enough to plan ahead and get lawn seats for the game? Hope you did, because it has been sold out for about a week. We aim to get there around noon(ish. Very ish) and snag a spot on the right-field berm, hopefully down towards the bottom. We'll try to protect territory, but if it's anything like the Cubs game, it will be pretty packed out there, so we can't guarantee anything. Let us know in the comment if you'll be showing up, so we can figure out the square inches.

I must confess, we haven't quite been as diligent in pushing this one as we might, largely because the early sellout took us by surprise. So, I'm not sure if there'll be any turnout at all. Still, should be fun, sprawling on the grass and yelling at whatever poor bastard is playing right-field for the Mariners!

[Update: well, the devastating silence in terms of a response leads me to believe no-one else is showing up, so as a formal event, I'm calling this one off. We'll still be there, but will simply be wandering around the park. Say hello if you see us!]

JenFest 2013

Snakecharmer will be in da' house March 9th when the Chicago White Sox take on the Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields at 1:10pm. Options remain open for seating on this one: if there's a large group, let's hang out on the lawn, but if there's a small group, I'd prefer to sit closer to the action. Who's in?? (I'm also up for going to Arizona's away games, at Milwaukee or Anaheim, on the 7th/8th respectively, but that's less settled.)

World Baseball Classic Fest

On March 10th, also at 1:10pm, Team USA takes on Team Canada at Chase Field for the final WBC game in Arizona. Jim already bought a block of tickets down the right field line for those who RSVP'd earlier (including 'charmer). If you'd like to come, let Jim know and he'll let you know the area we're sitting in and where you can buy your own ticket.

Official Snakepit Spring Training Fest

Jim counted up the votes on the best day for the Spring Training Fest, and there was a dead-heat between two of the choices: Sunday March 24th (vs. Seattle Mariners, 1:10 pm) and Tuesday, Mar 26 (vs. Los Angeles Angels, 7:10 pm). So, these two now go head-to-head in a run-off: your vote, please as to which of the games you would prefer: votes close at midnight Wednesday. Perhaps things have become clearer for those who didn't chip in last time, now that it's next month 'n' all. The plan for either will be more or less the same: everyone buys their own lawn tickets at Salt River Fields, and we convene in right-field before the contest in question to cheer and heckle.